Hindu Wedding Ceremonies

My name is Ambrish Trivedi. I am a modest individual and care about my profession and my Hindu faith. It is a gift to be able to place two people together.

Ask yourself these questions......about weddings and faith...

What does the Mandap signify?

What do the pillars mean?

Why is Kanyadan important?

Why do the couple walk around the Mandap 4 times(Gujarati Wedding)?

What is Sindhoor and why is this a private ritual?

Do you want to have an occasion where guests can take part?

Do you want your guests to celebrate with you in the vows that you make?

I offer my services where I will explain the meaning of the wedding ceremony to the couple and the guests.It will be explained in Gujarati , Hindi & English. A ceremony which I enjoying performing is when we try and maintain silence during the ceremony. This allows me to explain the true beauty of the ceremony to everyone.